Staff Senate Contact Info

First Last Senate Position Representative for Email Phone
Ruei-Jen Abraham-Fan Senator All Academic Units [email protected]
Dashan (DJ) Axson-Lawrence Senator All Academic Units [email protected]
Ashley Ayers Senator, Executive Committee Medicine [email protected] 924-8497
Chantal Azondoga Senator Medicine [email protected]
Brooke Bailey Senator President’s Office and Diversity & Equity [email protected] (434) 924-2799
Mike Bailey Senator Advancement [email protected] 982-2798
Demetrice Baskerville Senator Student Affairs [email protected]
Kendyl Bilenkij Senator, Executive Committee Information Technology [email protected] 243-7566
Lauren Breeden Senator Operations [email protected] 297-6397
Jon Bruneau Senator Facilities Management [email protected] 924-3415
Todd Burks Senator Library System [email protected] 924-3162
Michelle Busby Senator, Executive Committee Engineering & Applied Science [email protected] 243-2376
Randy Campbell Senator Facilities Management [email protected] 924-4044
William Canter Senator Nursing [email protected]
Leigh Ann Carver Senator, Executive Committee Provost Units & Centers [email protected] 924-3946
Megan Champion Senator Arts & Sciences [email protected]
Mary Clark Senator Continuing & Professional Studies [email protected] 982-5319
Gina Condi Senator Student Affairs [email protected] 924-5556
Zeke Crater Senator Library System [email protected] 982-4516
Cynthia Douglass Senator EVP-COO [email protected] 982-2518
Claire Downey Senator Provost Units & Centers [email protected]
Melissa Dudek Senator Athletics [email protected]
Helen Dugger Senator Law School [email protected]
Jacob Durham Senator Advancement [email protected]
Catrina Garland Senator Provost Units & Centers [email protected]
Les Givens Senator Facilities Management [email protected] 982-2545
Glenn Gray Senator EVP-COO [email protected] 243-2796
Adam Griggs Senator, Executive Committee Medicine [email protected]
Nicki Hauser Senator Athletics [email protected]
Laura Hawk Senator Student Affairs [email protected] 924-5362
Kendall Howell Senator Operations [email protected] 434-924-6757
Elizabeth Jackson Senator Arts & Sciences [email protected] 924-7761
Ellie Kates-da Silva Senator McIntire School [email protected]
Andrea Kester Senator, Executive Committee Data Science [email protected] 924-1020
Rita Lam Senator Research [email protected] 924-4275
Gabrielle Laskey Senator, Executive Committee Medicine [email protected] 924-1789
Dana Laurens Senator Frank Batten School [email protected]
Cody Lloyd Senator Education & Human Development [email protected]
Ryan McKinnon Senator Architecture [email protected] 982-3047
Jeff McNish Senator Darden School [email protected] 297-7971
Joanne Meier Senator Darden School [email protected] 924-4806
Brad Miller Senator McIntire School [email protected]
Michael Minor Senator Facilities Management [email protected] 924-3267
Amy Muldoon Senator Provost Units & Centers [email protected]
Billy Nash Senator Medicine [email protected]
John Notis Senator Engineering & Applied Science [email protected] 924-7039
Jay Pence Senator Frank Batten School [email protected]
Bernadette Poerio Senator Education & Human Development [email protected]
Chelsea Reynolds Senator Facilities Management [email protected]
Adam Richard Senator, Executive Committee Arts & Sciences [email protected] 924-4956
Jessica Robertson Senator Advancement [email protected]
Chadae Rush Senator, Executive Committee Research [email protected]
Gabrielle Schrecongost Senator Medicine [email protected]
Holly Scott Senator Continuing & Professional Studies [email protected]
Jes Sobeck Senator Research [email protected]
Tashana Starks Senator Architecture [email protected]
Minnette Stroud Senator Operations [email protected] 924-6763
Maria Terry Senator EVP-COO [email protected]
Shelley Thomas Senator Engineering & Applied Science [email protected] 243-2288
Ava Thorsted Senator Information Technology [email protected]
Susanne Tomillon Senator Nursing [email protected]
Victoria Valdes Senator Arts & Sciences [email protected] 924-3678
Tesha Westbrook Senator Data Science [email protected]
Rick Willis Senator, Executive Committee President’s Office and Diversity & Equity [email protected]
Elodie Wolfe Senator Information Technology [email protected] 243-4746
Patrick Wood Senator, Executive Committee Finance [email protected] 924-3507