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About the Staff Senate

The Staff Senate serves as the representative voice for staff in matters relating to the University, supports staff members in the realization of their full potential at the University, and advances University excellence through its efforts.

The work of the Staff Senate is accomplished through its active engagement with staff, faculty, and the administration in order to develop recommendations and encourage policies that support university staff.

  • 39 Staff Senators
  • 24 Department/Schools Represented
  • 5K+Staff Members

Suggestion Box

The Staff Senate wants to hear your ideas, questions & concerns so that, together, we can make a difference for staff at UVA.

News and Events

UVA’s Green Dot program is a bystander intervention program that trains students, faculty, and staff in how to become active bystanders when they recognize a situation of sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking. Green Dot training specifically for faculty and staff will occur on Friday,... Read more

Following an injunction impacting updated FLSA regulations, the University has provided the following update: 

A federal judge in Texas suspended the Department of Labor’s new federal overtime rule. The rule was scheduled to go into effect on December 1... Read more

Through advocacy by the Staff Senate and incorporating staff feedback, the Education Benefit program has been revised. A pilot of the new program begins in January. Staff pursuing a degree or academic certificate will have access to more funds for tuition. We encourage staff to take advantage of... Read more