Staff Senate Goals: 2018-19

  1. Develop partnerships

    Develop partnerships between Staff Senate and Grounds-wide University groups and representative bodies to encourage inclusion of the Staff Senate voice and share our knowledge of our University community.

  2. Establish communication strategies

    Establish and maintain active and respectful communication strategies to reflect the nature of each of our partnerships

  3. Improve employee experiences

    Find ways to support improvement of the employee experiences at the University through better staff recognition and benefits, work amenities, and new employee onboarding.

  4. Enhance Staff Senate orientation

    Enhance the Staff Senate orientation so new senators better understand the organization's identity, how to impact the University community positively, and ways to empower their constituents to be increasingly involved in making the University Ours to Shape.

  5. Continue relationship with new administration

    Continue our relationship with the new administration and the Board of Visitors to keep them apprised of our work toward achieving the University's mission and goals.